Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Miniature Sponge Cake and Pie for Barbie Dolls

These are totally amazing! Alas, my great niece Mia will only be a year old and too young to play with these if I make them now, so putting this on the back burner for when she is older (or if I make them find a place to store them around here for the next few years).

The following blog has a tutorial on how to make the above with sponges.


"Miniature Sponge Cake Materials
  • Flat, expandable sponges, yellow and pink
  • pen
  • quarter
  • scissors
  • white craft paint
  • craft glue
  • mini ribbons
  • mini beads
  • large button"

You use the bottom of the paint bottle as a template to cut the sponges into circle, glue them togetherthen cut up a wedge wet them then let them dry. After that paint the the top, bottom and side (everything except the wedge) white, glue the ribbon around the outer bottom edge and glue the beads in a design on the top. Looks like the button was used to make the cake riser, but is also look like the button is on top of a bottle cap and both are painted/decorated.

"Miniature Pie Materials:

  • Bottle caps
  • Tan felt
  • Red seed beads (or color to match fruit of choice)
  • Quick Hold craft glue

The bottle caps are the pie pan, you line them around the edge with tan felt, glue the seed beads in to represent the "fruit" then cover with little strips of tan felt for the top of the pie.

(Clipart from http://www.designedtoat.com/)

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