Friday, December 24, 2010


The gift to the right is from my new supervisor and although it is a commercial product from Blondies Cookies, the concept is a cool gift idea.

One thing my Mom used to give me every Christmas as an adult was a jar of homemade hot chocolate mix and unfortunately I came across this post at Craftstew link for 354 Edible Gift Mixes at Everything Your Mama Made and More on Christmas Eve after the stores closed or I would have whipped up some last minute Christmas gifts, although this does gives me a year to test and tweak recipes.

The list doesn't have just beverage mixes, there are also soups, cookies, bread, snack and cake mixes.

If you would put together something like candy topped cookies on the left, it would be a good idea to copy their idea of putting the candies in the bottom - it is the only thing that has kept by son from eating them.

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