Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Although it is still a few years before Kyle graduates, it is never too early to start looking around for good ideas for a party and decorations as I want it to be a special occassion.

I love these little hats at No Fuss Fabulous that are made out of little Reece's cups and a square or chocolate.


I also have an idea for a serving dish by using black bowl for the cap and a black plate glued to the top and some sort of tassel or maybe just a fruit rollup rolled up for the tassel. The challenge is going to be finding a black plate that will work - while spray painting the bottom bowl is ok, I don't like the idea of serving food on something that has been spray painted.

This is made out the cup off an egg carton for the cap, a piece of cardboard painted with acrylic paint and a piece of yarn for the tassle. This would made a cute decoration or even be used to decorate a graduation present for little to no cost (I usually have all the stuff to make this around the house).

Over at Little Birdie Secrets, they have a tutorial on how to make a felt graduation cap

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